Releases all captive specialists you own that are being held at an outpost within Diplomat's outpost's sonar range.
Revered Elder
No other specialists participate in combat, unless both sides have a Revered Elder.
Combat priority: 2
Produces 6 additional drillers with each production cycle while at a factory.
Promotes to: Engineer
Global: Repairs 25% of the drillers you lose in combat (rounded up) after each combat you win. Local: 25% are repaired after combat taking place where Engineer is present (rounded up).
Sub carrying Pirate can target another sub. When targeting a sub, the Pirate's sub travels 2x faster than ordinary subs, then travels at 4x normal speed to nearest friendly outpost.
Destroys 5 enemy drillers when participating in combat, travels 50% faster than ordinary subs.
Combat priority: 7
Promotes to: General
Global: General destroys 10 enemy drillers in each combat in which you have a specialist present after the specialists phase. Local: Travels 50% faster than ordinary subs..
Increases her outpost's sonar range by 50%. If you lose control of your Queen, the closest Princess becomes the new Queen.
Drains 20 from the shield charge of any outpost it attacks.
Combat priority: 4
Fires on an enemy sub once every 2 hours while at an outpost. Each shot destroys 5% of drillers rounded up. Sentry's range is half of its outpost's sonar range. Target is chosen to maximize damage.
Promotes to: War Hero
War Hero
Destroys 20 enemy drillers when participating in combat.
Combat priority: 7
Intelligence Officer
Adds 25% to all your outposts' sonar range. Shows you the type of all outposts that are outside your sonar range.
Increases your electrical output by 3 times Tinkerer's outpost's maximum shield charge. Tinkerer's outpost's shield charge is drained at 3 units per hour.
Promotes to: Minister of Energy
Minister of Energy
Global: Adds 300 to your electrical output. Your factories produce 1 driller less each production cycle.
Redirects enemy sub to its owner's nearest outpost when participating in sub-to-sub combat.
Amount: 2
Combat priority: 3
Kills all enemy specialists present when participating in combat.
Amount: 2
Combat priority: 6
Fully charges the shields of a friendly outpost upon arrival and after every combat while he's present.
Promotes to: Security Chief
Security Chief
Global: Adds 10 to max shield charge of all your outposts. Local: Adds 10 to max shield charge of Security Chief's outpost.
Double Agent
When participating in sub-to-sub combat, drillers on both subs are destroyed, subs swap ownership along with any specialists aboard, and combat ends.
Combat priority: 5
Adds 20 to her outpost's maximum shield charge. If you acquire another Queen, she becomes a Princess. Queen may periodically hire specialists.
Converts 15% of enemy's drillers (rounded up) to your side when attacking an outpost, or in sub to sub combat.
Combat priority: 4
Travels 3x faster than ordinary subs while heading for one of its owner's outposts.
Promotes to: Tycoon
Global: Speeds up your driller production rate by 50%. Local: Produces 3 additional drillers with each production cycle while at a factory.
Owner may change course of sub carrying Navigator.
Promotes to: Admiral
Global: Increases speed of all your subs that aren't carrying specialists by 50%. Local: Admiral travels 2x faster than ordinary subs.
Destroys all subs and outposts within Martyr's blast radius when participating in combat. Blast radius is 20% of standard sonar range.
Combat priority: 1
Travels 2x faster than ordinary subs.
Takes control of all captured specialists present at his outpost.
Promotes to: King
Global: Destroys 1 enemy driller for every 3 of your drillers that remain after specialist phase in every combat you are involved. Reduces max shield charge of all your outposts by 20, except at King's outpost, where it is increased by 20.